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Customer Review: 2017 Mustang GT Varex Cat-Back Exhaust System

08 Nov 2016

Originally posted on WWW.MUSTANG6G.COM/FORUMS

It only took a week of driving my new 2017 Mustang GT to decide it needed an exhaust upgrade. I really liked the design of the X-Force Varex mufflers with the internal electric valve, so I ordered up their cat-back system from Summit Racing.

Removal of the old exhaust and installation of the X-Force cat-back took about 2.5 hours with my Fathers help. I'm lucky to have a father with a car lift in his home garage and air tools. Thanks Dad! Pretty much everything went together without any issues.

I've been driving the car for two days with the new exhaust and really like the way the Varex system works. With the valve open the exhaust is loud enough to make me happy, and when I'm in my local neighborhood I can close the valve and avoid the evil eye from my neighbors.

2017 Mustang GT on the lift ready for the new X-Force Exhaust.

A view of the new Varex mufflers after installation.

A view of the forward 75% of the new exhaust. The stock clamps were used to mate the new exhaust to the existing tubes that come off the stock cats. Basically we just took down the stock exhaust and installed the X-Force exhaust directly in its place. No cutting or welding required.
My father and I both agreed that someone spent some time designing this system. The fit and finish was top notch. Thank you X-Force!

Two boxes arrived via UPS about 10 days after I placed my order. Both boxes fit in the trunk of my car with the seats folded down.

Packaging for shipping was top notch. We didn't find any damage from shipping at all.

A view inside the 2nd box.

Everything spread out on the table.

A close up view of some pretty nice welds on the resonator.

A close up view of a really beautiful weld on one of the Varex mufflers. My day job is as a weld inspector at Boeing.=)
This weld looks like the welds I see at work that are done on a machine rather than by hand. Really nice.

More close up views.

Two flange adapters were supplied to connect the tubes from the Cats to the X-Force X-pipe and resonator.

A view of the band clamp style hangers for the mufflers.

A close up view of the adjustable slide portion of the muffler hangers.

A close-up view of the servo or actuator common to a Varex muffler.

The second muffler.

The electronics are supplied with the kit. It’s a really easy install. Two plugs go back to the mufflers. A third plug goes to the black box and the cigarette lighter style plug supplies power to the system.
That's it. It doesn't get much easier.

A view of the system after the resonator.

A side view of the X-pipe and resonator.

A view of the stock exhaust in case anyone is interested.

I'm working on a video that compares the stock exhaust to the X-Force Varex exhaust using an Audio Control RTA. Hopefully I can finish it next Saturday.