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X-Force Exhaust Universal Tips and Catalytic Convertors

12 Sep 2016

X-Force Exhaust Universal Tips and Catalytic Convertors

X-Force USA Exhaust Tips are made from 304 stainless steel, ensuring style as well as substance, these tips won't rust or pit out after a couple weeks.

With constant vehicle shapes and styles evolving, the XForce 304 range is always growing to meet the demand.  To complete and compliment any custom performance exhaust modifications, X-Force USA supplies a complete range of Universal muffler tips to suit whatever vehicle you have.

X-Force Exhaust Universal Tips and Catalytic Convertors2



  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Mirror Polished

Click HERE to view the full range of XForce Universal Exhaust Tips.

Catalytic Convertors have been the bane of the car enthusiast for many years, and while on the surface they seem to be purely a 'green' measure they are actually so much more.

They remove harmful gasses and toxins from your engines emissions which not only affect the quality of the atmosphere outside your car, but potentially inside it as well.  So for the safety of those in and around your car they are a necessity, but that doesn't mean we can't refine and improve them for streamlined performance and efficiency.  

X-Force Exhaust Universal Tips and Catalytic Convertors3

XForce Performance Exhausts has carried out research and development to design a vast array of Performance Catalytic Converters in Australia. We pride ourselves on our build quality and offer solutions for both standard and performance applications at an affordable price.


Our high-flow design catalytic converters are designed for racing and off-road used.


  • Metallic substrate Catalytic Converter
  • Ceramic substrate Catalytic Converter

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